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Green Bay Kayak Tours

Kayak tour Green BayThe fast-growing sport of kayaking is a unique and beautiful way to see the shores of Green Bay, and offers people an opportunity to be closer to nature than many other activities do.  From an often unseen vantage point, Green Bay will look like a different world than the vibrant city you see on land, and you’ll be exposed to sights only seen by the few people who venture on to the inner waters of Green Bay. Kayak tours provide guests with an opportunity for unique exploration of Green Bay waterways, unparalleled opportunities for wildlife viewing, adventure, and even relaxation. Experienced kayaking guides provide guests with an easy and fun opportunity to explore this quieter side of Green Bay.  We invite you to spend a day out on the water on one of the local Kayak tours exploring the ecology of the Duck Creek Delta and viewing the Cat Island Restoration Project from the water, then come back to our quiet and relaxing Bed and Breakfast Inn to recharge for your next days’ adventure.

Take a Kayak Tour of Green Bay

Join experienced guides from the Barkhausen Waterfowl Preserve this summer in either recreational or adventure kayak tours.  Each year, the preserve offers six guided tours open to the public, with the final ones happening in late August/Early September.  Trips are available for all levels of experience, from beginner to advanced.  With all equipment provided, there’s no excuse not to try this wonderful guided activity along the beautiful shores of Green Bay.  The Green Bay kayak tours provide guests with a tour of the lower Green Bay waterway, including the Duck Creek Delta, and Cat Island, which is the subject of current ecological preservation efforts.  Here, you’ll learn the basics of kayaking, all while exploring and enjoying the beautiful ecology of our area.

Kayak tour Green BayIf you’ve already experienced some kayaking, or are just looking for a longer adventure, then the Barkhausen Preserve guides offer longer kayaking adventures as well.  These range from a recreational 3 hour tour in various waters around Green Bay, a 3 hour exploration of our natural world into the coastal marshes of the bay or rivers, and a 4 hour introduction into the world of Sea Kayaking that explores the Bay of Green Bay.  If you already have your own kayaks and just want to head out on a self-designed adventure of your own, then we suggest putting in at Porlier Pier off the Fox River Trail. Whether you explore Green Bay’s waters guided or on your own, we know you’ll find your own piece of paradise along the gentle shores of Green Bay. Book your room at our historic Bed and Breakfast today, and let your kayaking adventure begin.

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