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The Magic of Spring’s Bloom

By Lorelei Savaryn

Walk outside The Astor House, and you’ll be transported to a quiet oasis of nature in the middle of Green Bay, Wisconsin. Birds chirp and land on one of the many beautiful bird feeders, wind rustles through the leaves, and delicate flowers pop up in beautifully diverse beds tucked away all across the lawn.

And this summer, guests will find even more delightful surprises than ever before. I am lucky enough to be the daughter/step-daughter of the owners, Linda and Tom. I am also an author of novels for middle-grade readers. My new book, The Edge of In Between,is a magical reimagining of The Secret Garden, and you can find a miniature version of my magical garden right outside this beautiful B&B.

Discover the magical poem that leads you into the garden carved onto paving stones. Inhale the scent of forget-me-nots and irises popping through the soil after a long winter’s thaw. Peek into the hive where you might find the magical sleeping Tickles if they aren’t buzzing about. And if you spot a bright red cardinal, it might just be a lost loved one visiting from Ever After to let you know they’re okay.

You can purchase signed copies of The Edge of In Between from the parlor and follow Lottie on her journey from deep gray sadness to color and hope again while you sit on a garden bench, immersed in the story as it comes to life all around you.

Spring is the perfect time to visit The Astor House and to step foot inside the magical world of the In-Between, where anything is truly possible.

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