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Wisconsin Birding Opportunities in Green Bay

Wisconsin Birding Green BayFall is a wonderful time of year for birding opportunities throughout Wisconsin.  There are perhaps no better Wisconsin birding locations than along the beautiful shores of Green Bay, however, which was named one of the innagural Bird City Wisconsin communities.  For years, Green Bay has been involved in creating and maintaining valuable bird habitats, which include the beautiful Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary, the Barkhausen Wildlife Preserve, and the Cofririn Arboretum at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.  To become a Bird City Wisconsin community, Green Bay planted thirty native trees near Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary, and added a butterfly and rain garden, as well as an educational trail through the plantings, in an effort to encourage more people to do the same in their yards.  If you’re looking for a wonderful opportunity for bird watching, then pack your binoculars, and book your room today at our centrally located Green Bay Bed and Breakfast today.

Wisconsin Birding Opportunities Near Green Bay

Fall bird watching in the Green Bay area is both abundant and diverse. You’ll find a variety of birds, from palm and yellow-rumped warblers, thrushes, white-throated, Lincoln’s, swamp, to the first white-crowned sparrows of the year. Other short-distance migratory birds include the Lapland longspur, ruby-crowned kinglet, brown creeper, and American pipit, rusty blackbirds, hummingbirds, common nighthawks and chimney swifts. Later in the Wisconsin birding season, you’ll also see a large migration of Sharp-shinned and broad-winged hawks, along with osprey, American kestrel, and other species of raptors. If you’re looking for a good place to see a waterfowl migration, then along the shores of Green Bay is where you should be. Here, you’ll find good numbers of Canada geese moving south, along with blue-winged teal, northern pintail, ducks, western kingbird, red knot, snowy egret, and so much more!

Wisconsin birding green bayOne of the best places to catch all of this stunning Wisconsin birding action is at Green Bay’s Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary. This 700-acre urban wildlife sanctuary is one of the best places to bird watch in Wisconsin, and is known for significant concentrations of landbirds migrating through the property each spring and fall. You’ll find a diverse range of habitats here, including forest, field, marsh, and open water habitats, which ultimately attract a huge variety of birds to the area. It’s a wonderful way to spend a day lost among the Bridges, boardwalks, and seven miles of nature trails, as you experience the beauty of this property and the wildlife that visit.  Another great bird watching area is the Barkausen Waterfowl Preserve, which features 920 acres of forest, meadows and wetlands that provide a home and refuge for a wide variety of waterfowl, wildlife, and plant species. No matter where you choose to spend your time in Green Bay, you’re sure to have a truly magnificent Wisconsin birding experience this fall.  Book your room in Green Bay now, so you don’t miss the exciting peak of the bird migration season.

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