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Green Bay Dining Has a Sweet Side

Green Bay diningNot surprisingly, one of the most popular things to do while on vacation is to explore the local cuisine, and get a taste of life as the locals live it.  There are some delicious places to eat in Green Bay, which has become known for the varied cuisine of the many locally owned, authentic eateries found in the downtown districts.  Green Bay dining offers visitors a range of delicous steak houses, exquisite sushi restaurants, a variety of casual family dining as well as elegant fine dining establishments, and of course Supper Clubs and Wisconsin’s traditional Friday fish fry.  You can even spend a wonderful afternoon sampling delicious and locally produced wine, cheese, and beer.  However, a trip to Green Bay wouldn’t be complete without also visiting some of the sweeter dining establishments throughout town.  Book your room at our historic Bed and Breakfast today, and discover the sweeter side of Green Bay dining.

Enjoy the Sweeter Side of Green Bay Dining

During the cold winter months in Green Bay, there is no better way to take the chill out of the air than to step inside one of our charming coffee shops or bakeries.  Whether you choose to start your day off at these charming establishments, or whether you stop in for a warming afternoon treat, these Green Bay dining venues will be the perfect compliment to your vacation.  Green Bay is lucky to have several delicious, quaint coffee shops lining its downtown streets. Grab a delicious breakfast and a cup of coffee at Kavarna of LaJava Roasting House, which is a small batch specialty coffee roaster.  Head in to The Attic, where you’ll find Fair Trade and Organic Coffees and Teas, hand-tamped espresso beverages, gently-used books, and an inviting atmosphere to enjoy. Lox, Stock and Bagel is a great place to refuel for the afternoon, and Luna is where the Astor House “Good Dog” coffee comes from, which helps to support the local Humane Society.
Green Bay Dining

Green Bay also has a wonderful selection of bakeries, where you’ll find exquisite treats to enjoy during your time here.  Willow Street Bakery, known for its speciality “knee caps“, is a great place to discover a new favorite treat.  You’ll find great muffins and cookies at Bake My Day, and the same delicous fresh bread served at the Astor House at Not By Bread Alone.  A review of Green Bay Bakeries would not be complete without mentionting Cheese Cake Heaven, which serves more than just delicious cheesecakes. They serve excellent breakfasts and lunch as well, including a delectable Rueben egg sandwhich that we can’t recommend enough.  As you can see, there is so much more to Green Bay dining than steakhouses, Supper Clubs, and Fish Fry’s.  When you visit us in Green Bay this winter, don’t miss these wonderful bakeries and coffee shops.

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