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Wisconsin’s Craft Breweries

Wisconsin Green Bay craft breweriesIf you’re at all into drinking beer, then you probably have heard of the craft brew craze taking over taps across America.  Craft Breweries, which are defined by the Brewers Assocation as “small, independent and traditional” breweries, have seen a 15% increase in sales over the course of last year.  Though annually craft breweries only produce about 6-million barrels, which is a mere 10% of national beer sales, it’s hard to deny the popularity of these increasing local fixtures. Despite the fact that the large-scale breweries that once made Wisconsin famous have slowly disappeared over the years, beer is still very much an integral part of our culture.  Book your room at our Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast today, and discover Wisconsin’s finest craft breweries in Green Bay.

Craft Breweries in Green Bay

The beer tradition in Northern Wisconsin runs deep, as you’ll find Wisconsin’s oldest breweries up here.  Two of the top craft breweries to visit in Green Bay are Titletown Brewing Company and Hinterland Brewery.  Titletown Brewing Company is located in an iconic Green Bay building that was once a Chicago & Northwestern Railroad Depot, and has been a local favorite since it opened in 1996.  Hinterland Brewery is a great place to explore new varietals of beer, and is also a great place to gain an insightful behind the scenes look at the industry on one of their brewery tours. Additional craft breweries to check out while you’re in Green Bay are Badger State Brewing and Stillmank Brewing, but if you want to venture out of Green Bay a little ways there are plenty of other breweries in the area to visit.  Most breweries in the area sell their beer in bottles, but you also have the option to buy your own growler to take home and later refill. Green Bay Wisconsin craft breweries

If you’re new to the craft beer scene in Wisconsin, or maybe you don’t have the time you’d need to visit all of Green Bay’s craft breweries, then you won’t want to miss this years Northeast Wisconsin Craft Beer Festival.  The festival takes place on October 3rd, and offers guests the chance at unlimited sampling of over 200 craft beers from 50+ regional breweries.  True beer enthusiasts can even go for the VIP experience, which will get you early access, an exclusive beer selection not available to the general public and complimentary food.  Book your room at our Green Bay Bed and Breakfast today, and don’t forget to bring your designated driver with you as you sample the finest Craft beers in Wisconsin.

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